Anonymous said: I met a guy at college, but now he's decided to drop out and we've broken up. Which means I won't see him in class which is usually why we make up. Sometimes I feel like we're only together because we see each other every day. But now we won't so I feel like he's wanting to push me away. By text he doesn't seem to care, but then when we were on FaceTime last night he told me it'd kill him if I met another guy, and that he doesn't want us just to be friends. SO CONFUSED. HELP.

well sounds like he doesn’t know what he wants, unless you’re reading him wrong..  since this is a guy you have already dated, i think you should talk to him about it and tell him how you feel. it seems like you really care for him, and he probably does care for you because if he didn’t he could easily just ignore you instead of even acknowledging you, so i think you should just talk to him about it, because there really isn’t anything else you can do? and you want to know the truth right? worst thing that can happen is you finally can get closure on the relationship.. either way i hope things will work out the best for you.


Anonymous said: So, there is this guy I like. And he is the best kind of guy I have been in love with! The only problem is, since we have known each other for approximately two years, we do not have anything to talk about. I mean like other than how the day has gone etc. I really want to break the barrier, so how can I start a conversation that is going to last a little bit?

do you know what he’s into? try talking to him about something you know you both are interested in.. maybe sports? or music? you could even talk to him about his plans for the weekend? maybe he’ll ask you to join him? try not to think to much on what to say, just kinda go with it, even if you end up sounding a bit clueless sometimes they might think its cute.. which could work in your favor?

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